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Oxygen is acquired by Breathing, and in Food and Water
Hydrogen is harder to get, but is needed by the body.
Hydrogen enhanced Water and Green Leaves are the best sources.
Add more Minerals to your diet and go more Alkaline (e.g. Baking Soda), then eat Green Leaves and drink Hydrogen-rich Water.



Hydrogen Healing:
Hydrogen-Rich Water Heals

Oxygen is Plentiful, Hydrogen is Rare

Everyone talks about Oxygen.
Without Oxygen, you will die in minutes.
Ozone Therapy and Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy are used in alternative health care to fight infections with Oxygen.
On the other hand, Oxidation can cause problems like acids and free radicals, so antioxidants are supplemented.
Some claim that MMS (Magic Mineral Supplement)(Chlorine Dioxide) passes through the body to deliver oxygen directly to where it is needed most, without oxidizing areas that don’t need it.
Hydrogen is also needed for the body, but is harder to get in water or food, without complex breakdowns of carbohydrates, etc.
Hydrogen heals massively, may reverse aging, and some research indicates that it reverses cancer and tumors.

Hydrogen is the Best Antioxidant

When high amounts of Hydrogen are present in the body, fewer acids and free radicals are formed.
The body uses Hydrogen to get the energy to form ATP, which supplies energy to every cell in the body.
If the body doesn’t get enough Hydrogen from water and other sources, it breaks down carbohydrates into CO2 and Hydrogen.
Incomplete breakdown of carbohydrates can cause acids and free radicals.

Hydrogen Energizes the Body

It appears that direct ingestion of Hydrogen in Hydrogen-Rich Water or Green Leaves can supply the Hydrogen Energy the body needs.
Hydrogen Fuel for cars burns cleaner than Carbon-based Gasoline Fuels in cars.
Hydrogen from Hydrogen-Rich Water and Green Leaves burns cleaner than Carbon-based Carbohydrate or Fat burning in the body.
There are hypotheses that lots of Hydrogen-Rich Water could lower the need for Carbohydrates.
Hydrogen-Rich Water is enhancing Athletic capabilities, and is the best Athletic Water available.
Athletes find hydrogen-rich water to be the best energy drink for steady energy and no crash.
Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the mitochondria making ATP for all your energy needs.
in 1978 Dr. Peter Mitchell was awarded the Nobel Prize for this theory “chemiosmosis” which explains how hydrogen is used to make ATP

Types of Hydrogen

Hydrogen can exist as an H+ ion, the molecule H2, or even the H- ion (sometimes called active Hydrogen).
The H+ ion seems to be the most active.
The main problem with Hydrogen is that it is the lightest atom and dissipates quickly.
H2 gas bubbles up and H+ reacts with Hydroxyls (OH-) and other compounds quickly.

Alkaline versus Acid Water

Many books have been written about the benefits of Alkaline Water and Food.
Most Raw Foods are Alkaline, most Meats and Carbohydrate foods are acid.
When the body cleanses, it becomes more acid from toxic waste products being thrown off.
During cleansing, moving the Lymph by exercise, and moving the bowels, does more to eliminate the toxins thrown into the body fluids than merely alkalinizing the body.
Many water machines advertise how Alkaline they can make the water, some bragging about achieving a pH of 9.
Hydrogen-Rich Water should be the main feature, structuruing second, alkalinity third.

Health Resorts with Structured Water loaded with Hydrogen

Some Resorts with the greatest Healing have Water that is:

  • Structured
  • Ionized/Alkaline
  • Highly Mineralized
  • loaded with Hydrogen

4 of the Best Known Healing Resorts with this type of Water are:

  • Lourdes, France
  • Tlacote, Mexico
  • Nordenau, Germany
  • Nadana, India

The Best Healing Water is Structured, Alkaline and Mineralized, with Hydrogen

Enagic/Kangen, Jupiter, & other Ionizing Systems are Expensive,
They don’t Mineralize, and Filtering and Taste are not Best.

Kangen Water is Alkaline Water from an expensive Enagic System.(about $4,000)
Jupiter & Gold Fox make Alkaline Water from less expensive Water Systems. (about $1,200)
Life, Chanson, Whego, and Tyent make Water Ionizers that cost more ($1500+) than Jupiter,
but much less than Enagic/Kangen.
I found water from most of these Ionizers to taste as bad as the local tap water.
They claim that their water is also Structured, but I’m not sure about it.

Hydrogen is Pure Energy and Healing

    1) As the first anti-oxidant on earth and most effective, hydrogen should prove to reduce illness and retard aging, protecting cellular function including that of DNA.
    2) Hydrogen, which pools in 6 major organs according to 1937 Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, plays a singular role in detoxification and thereby further reduces the risk of disease and decay.
    3) Hydrogen is really the only energy the body recognizes and is the necessary ingredient for ATP production. (See Szent-Gyorgi’s Nobel Address)
    4) Hydrogen can support diabetics with better cholesterol control and thereby also reduce the potential for heart disease and other degenerative disease.

Solid Research Proving Hydrogen Benefits

Research by Dr. Szent-Györgyi in 1937

Dr. Szent-Györgyi won the Nobel Prize for Vitamin C curing scurvy in 1937. In his discovery he found that hydrogen is the only fuel the body recognizes and describes the body’s natural process of digesting carbohydrates to provide hydrogen in the making of ATP or energy for the body. If you would like to read more about this finding and the equations he wrote on this click here to read more.

“…the fact that our body really only knows one fuel, hydrogen. The foodstuff, carbohydrate, is essentially a packet of hydrogen, a hydrogen supplier, a hydrogen donor, and themain event during its combustion is the splitting off of hydrogen. So the combustion of hydrogen is the real energy-supplying reaction; To the elucidation of reaction (6), which seems so simple, I have devoted all my energy for the last fifteen years.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi, PhD

In 1965 the Japan Ministry of Health reports hydrogen is necessary to balance digestive flora.

Research by Peter Mitchell, PhD – Nobel Laureate 1978

The Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr. Peter Mitchell in 1978 for his theory of chemiosmosis. According to this model, hydrogen is essential in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, the source of all energy in the cells, and therefore the body. This works through hydrogen dehydrogenase, a flavoprotein catalyzing the conversion of NAD+ to NADH by molecular hydrogen (H2); H2 + NAD+ ? H+ + NADH. Molecular hydrogen, H2, is very prevalent in our hydrogen-rich water as shown by research certificate from the Shiga Institute. This is the seminal work in cellular energy production also helps explain the energy on demand available from hydrogen-rich water.
Read one of his treatises on Chemi-osmosis

What is the bottom line of this structure and function claim? Clearly, ATP production can be supported by the increased presence of molecular hydrogen, and this explains the consistently positive reports we receive from athletes attesting to dramatic increases in energy reserves.

Research by Dr. Hayashi

Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, an MD cardiac surgeon discovered a less expensive way to bring hydrogen to the body, that is very portable.
He studied at the Kobe University School of Medicine, then the University of Munich.
He specialized in Cardiovascular Medicine.
In 1985, he started to research the medical benefits of water.
In 1995 he released his theory of the effects of hydrogen-rich water to prevent and treat illnesses.
In 2001, he developed a hydrogen-generating mineral stick, The HydrogenRich Water Stick™, as a means for anyone to easily and affordably produce hydrogen-rich water.
Click here to go the the Guide Book for more details on Dr. Hayashi’s observations and science.

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For At-Home Use:

Either use a Hydrogen Water Stick (below) or some people claim that a Vitev Pitcher with Mineral filter at Vitev will give hydrogen-rich water. (Electronic “Kangen” machines may also put hydrogen into water, but it disappears in seconds as H2 gas)

If you’re on-the-go, a Hydrogen Water Stick supplies Hydrogen-Rich Water for months

Dr. Hayashi’s Hydrogen Stick is the most effective.
Place it in your personal portable reusable water container and just add water.
Shake 15 seconds and in 15 minutes enjoy Hydrogen Rich Water for health and vitality.
The Stick lasts at least 6 months for 800 uses and filters 1600 liters of water.
Hydrates up to 6 times more. most efficient antioxidant
Hydrogen is the only fuel the body knows.
Athletes find hydrogen-rich water to be the best energy drink for steady energy and no crash
Hydrogen plays a crucial role in the mitochondria making ATP for all your energy needs.
in 1978 Dr. Peter Mitchell was awarded the Nobel Prize for this theory “chemiosmosis” which explains how hydrogen is used to make ATP
Tastes wetter and fresher – better than the finest spring water because it penetrates and your body feels the difference as your tongue receives the silky freshness.

(Try other cheaper clones at your own risk. – I haven’t tested them.)

Video on Hydrogen-rich Water Healing in Tlacote, Mexico

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